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Your Trusted Professional Expert in Investment Management and Immigration to Europe.

Our Experience

Asset Management
RP Legal and Administration Services

Our Services are characterized into following groups:

EU Residence Permits:

  • Reception abroad
  • Consultation on appropriate investment strategy
  • Accompanying, Legal and Administrative assistance for the acquisition process, procurement and prolongation of RP
  • Selection and evaluation of Real Estate objects, as well as other Investment Options

We follow up on blossoming Your Investment:

  • Customized advisory for You and Your guests while abroad
  • Property Management (incl. rental, renovation and other respective services)

We offer Asset Management services:

  • Financial Market Investment management for return from financial instruments’ trading, arbitrage and diversification

Please contact us for Enquiries and Pricing:

There are four options to procure Residence Permits for Investments in Latvia:

Investment in Real Estate

Subordinated Loan to Credit Institution

Investment in interest-free Government Bonds

Our Asset Management Performance Track Record:

BROCHURE - Asset Investments_eng

We handle all processes for You in most secure way. Our goal meets Yours – make Your investment a success. We will charge you ONLY if your investment goal is met.

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